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Energy dispersive x-ray fluorescence spectrometer (EDXRF-Model EX-6600 SDD) of M/s. Xenemetrix, Israel is available at AMD, Hyderabad. It provides qualitative scan of constituent elements in the sample and rapid quantitative determination of major, minor and a number of trace elements. The analytical precision (% RSD) and accuracy (% error) is within ±10% for major and minor elements, and for trace elements (>10ppm)

The data from the laboratory are used by geologists

  • for studying the distribution of elements in various geological materials such as rocks, minerals, panned mineral concentrates, soil and beneficiation products; presently analysed for some thirty four elements depending upon the requirement and nature of geological material., 
  •  to find favourable environment for prospecting the desired elements, and 
  •  for petrological interpretations.