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The following services are offered by AMD on payment basis



On specific request AMD offers analytical services to select user agencies. Rates applicable for analysis are given in schedule of charges.

The "Schedule of Charges" are applicable, subject to the following terms and conditions:

  • Schedule of Charges to be levied for the Indian Companies and the Public Sector Undertakings.
  • Services required by Government Agencies / Units of the DAE / Academic Institutions within India to be charged at 50% of the schedule of charges.
  • 12% intellectual fee to be charged for laboratory services and 100% for projects that involve field work, sample analysis, data interpretation and submission of comprehensive reports.
  • All Multinational companies even those with more than 50% foreign equity also to be charged as per the schedule of charges applicable to Indian companies and Public Sector Undertakings.
  • No food or drug samples of any kind will be analysed in AMD laboratories.
  • The charges are in-force with effect from 08.06.2015 vide DAE ID Note No. 12/2/(6)/2012-I&M(AMD)/7479 dated 08.06.2015 and valid for two years

For private and public entrepreneurs AMD offers to carry out detailed studies on specific areas of beach/placer deposits on payment basis. For details they may contact Director, AMD.