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Electron microprobe laboratory is equipped with Electron Probe Micro Analyser (EPMA) Model SX-50, manufactured by M/s. CAMECA, France. It has three vertical and one inclined linear focusing wavelength dispersive spectrometers fitted with LIF, PET, TAP and pseudo crystals (PC1 & PC2) diffracting crystals.  The system is controlled on and off line by Sun Micro System under Unix environment.

The laboratory undertakes non-destructive microdomain (1 micron diameter) near surface, qualitative and quantitative analyses of elements with atomic number 5 (Boron) and above with detectable limits generally of 0.01%. The elemental concentration data are presented in forms such as  X-ray, Secondary electron (SE) and Back scattered electron (BSE) images, Topographic images, Colour coded elemental concentration pixel plots and Pre-determined linear profile spectral scans.

Expertise has been developed for analysing geological, metallurgical and synthetic solid materials for the above elements.

Chemical ages of minerals with uranium, thorium and lead are also being determined.