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X-Ray diffraction Laboratory is located only at Hyderabad and is equipped with

(i) Siefert Id 3000- X-ray generator and Siemens microprocessor controlled D-500 Diffractometer system using crystal monochromated characteristic CuK(α) radiation and LA 100 recorder, for powder diffraction studies

(ii) Gandolfi diffraction camera(dia. 114.6mm & 57.3mm) for identification of the fine-grained minerals of the order of 200 micron size,

(iii) Debye Scherrer powder camera (dia. 114.6mm & 57.3mm) for undertaking investigations of very little amount of inorganic compounds/mineral samples; and

(iv) Buerger Precession instrument for single crystal diffraction studies.

  • characterization of uranium, thorium, rare earth and rare metal bearing mineral phases and secondary uranium minerals;
  • identification of metamict minerals;
  • investigations on clay minerals;
  • triclinicity and structural state of potash feldspars and plagioclase separated from igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary rocks;
  • characterization of phases in solid solution series;
  • determination of cell-size for phases belonging to cubic, tetragonal, and monoclinic systems;
  • qualitative mineralogical studies of rocks of igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary origins;
  • quantitative determination of two and three phases present in mixtures
  • investigations on fuel-grade materials and synthetic inorganic compounds from NFC.