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AMD started the assigned task of atomic mineral exploration/evaluation in the country with 23 scientific and 7 technical personnel in 1950 which has now grown into a multi- disciplinary organisation with 1943 personnel (as on 01.10.2021) in scientific (455), technical (316), administrative (211) and auxiliary (961) categories.

AMD attaches due importance to development of human resources as they are responsible for exploration activities. In the scenario of fast depleting near surface deposits of uranium, there is a need to constantly upgrade our knowledge base.

For newly joined scientists, the main objective is to acquaint them with the role of AMD in the country’s Nuclear Power Programme and to introduce them to various principles and exploration techniques followed by the Directorate. The training is imparted in phases comprising of lectures on selected topics with audio-visual aids, fieldwork and visits to laboratories at Hyderabad.

Besides, training is also imparted to scientists in various other specialized fields like Computers, Remote Sensing, and Petrological studies. Such formal training programmes are being conducted since 1989.

Foreign scientists from countries like Vietnam, Syria, Cuba and Iran have also undergone training in different aspects of uranium exploration either through IAEA or on bilateral exchange programme.


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