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The Petrology Laboratories at AMD, HQ, Hyderabad and at Northern Region,New Delhi; Southern Region, Bengaluru; Eastern Region, Jamshedpur; North-eastern Region, Shillong; Western Region, Jaipur; Central Region, Nagpur and South-central Region, Hyderabad are engaged in petro-mineralogical studies of different geological materials, with emphasis on identification of radioactive minerals. The laboratories have a large spectrum of work ranging from characterisation of radioactive and associated non-radioactive rocks, minerals, soils, sands and stream sediments besides SSNTD studies.

The laboratories are equipped with advanced research polarising microscopes for microscopic studies of rock samples in transmitted and reflected light. The laboratory is also equipped with Heating and Freezing stage of Linkam micro thermometry apparatus for fluid inclusions studies, image analysis, fluorescence studies and automatic photomicrography.

Uraninite in albitised quartz -biotite schist from Rohil, Sikar district, Rajasthan. Corresponding alpha track on CN-85 film is shown as left side inset