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Electron Probe Micro Analysis Laboratory located at Headquarters; Hyderabad is equipped with Cameca (France) make SX-100 system. The Electron Probe Micro Analyser (EPMA) system equipped with versatile electron gun compatible with W and LaB6, three vertical and one inclined Wavelength Dispersive Spectrometers (WDS), one Energy Dispersive Spectrometer (EDS) and built-in microscopy tools, allows simultaneous X-ray, SEM and BSE imaging and sophisticated visible light optics. It provides a very flexible sample inspection mechanism with wide range of image magnification. The excitation beam regulation system and automated sample stage movements provide outstanding stability and measurement repeatability.

Micro-domain near-surface qualitative and quantitative chemical analysis from Na to U with a general detection limit of 100ppm is undertakes in the laboratory. Detailed morphological, textural and compositional (qualitative) data are obtained through SE, BSE, X-ray images and spectral scans.

Electron Probe Micro Analysis Laboratory