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X-Ray Diffraction (XRD) Laboratory is located at AMD, HQ, Hyderabad and is equipped with GE-XRD-3003 TT Automated System, using mono-chromated characteristic CuKα radiation.

The laboratory is engaged in carrying out the following studies.

1.    Identification and characterisation of uranium, thorium, rare metal & rare earth bearing minerals, metamict minerals, clay and iso-structural minerals etc.
2.    Determination of unit cell parameters & oxidation grade of uraninite and triclinicity & structural state of feldspar
3.    X-ray crystallographic and substitutional solid solution studies on U, Th, Nb, Ta, Sn ore-minerals.
4.    Structural disordering in primary minerals of niobium and tantalum
5.    Characterisation of phases in solid solution series, leached residue, beneficiated and heat-treated products of uranium ores, tin slags, atomic mineral phases associated with beach sand and off-shore mineral deposits.