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The following technical services are provided by AMD on payment basis.

1.Laboratory analyses

On specific request, AMD offers analytical services to select user agencies. Rates applicable for analysis are as per Schedule of Charges of the following laboratories.

Physics laboratory
Chemistry laboratory
Petrology laboratory
XRD laboratory
XRF laboratory
Geochronology and Stable Isotope laboratory
Beach Sand laboratory studies

Services required by Government agencies / units of the DAE / academic institutions within India are charged at 50% of the schedule of charges.
12% intellectual fee is charged for laboratory services and 100% for projects that involve field work, sample analysis, data interpretation and submission of comprehensive reports.
Schedule of Charges are to be levied for Indian Companies and Public Sector Undertakings.
All multinational companies including those with more than 50% foreign equity also to be charged as per the schedule of charges applicable to Indian companies and Public Sector Undertakings.
No food or drug or biological samples of any kind are analysed in AMD laboratories.
The charges are in-force with effect from 11.10.2018 and subject to revision as and when required.
18% GST to be charged on the total amount in individual cases.

2. Beach Sand Minerals (BSM) exploration
The executive summaries and complete reports of Beach Sand Mineral (BSM) deposits explored by AMD are available for sale to private and public entrepreneurs as per schedule of charges.Click here for the available reports.
The in-house publication of AMD Exploration and Research for Atomic Minerals (EARFAM), is also available for sale (Publication).
AMD carries out detailed studies on specific areas of BSM deposits on payment basis.
For details, please contact:
Planning and Management Services Group,
AMD Complex,
1-10-153-156, Begumpet,
Hyderabad – 500016
Phones: 040-27763024, 27776204