Print Icon EARFAM Vol 8 1995 Special Volume

Special issue on "First Order Uranium Exploration Target Selection in the Proterozoic of India"

Group discussion held at AMD, Hyderabad, Jan. 28-29, 1994

An over view of the exploration history and genesis of Proterozoic uranium deposits in the Canadian Shield

Sunil S. Gandhi 1-47

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Identifying high-grade uranium deposits in the Proterozoic basins of India- a challenge to exploration

T.M. Mahadevan 49-60

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Precambrian geology of the Aravalli Mountain and Uranium metallogeny

A.B. Roy 61-71

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Unconformity proximal uranium deposits: some potential terrains in the Proterozoics of Rajasthan, India

Govind Singh, B.M. Swarnkar, and Rajendra Singh 73-80

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Modelling Singhbhum uranium mineralisation in the light of Proterozoic uranium metallogeny

S.C. Sarkar 81-93

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Association of the Purana basins and the Middle Proterozoic mobile belts in Peninsular India: implications of targeting uranium deposits

Vivek S. Kale 95-110

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Geological favourability for unconformity related uranium deposits in northern parts of the Cuddapah Basin: evidences from Lambapur uranium occurrence, Andhra Pradesh, India

R.M. Sinha, V.K. Shrivastava, G.V.G. Sarma and T.N. Parthasarathy 111-126

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Cuddapah Basin and its environs as first order uranium target in the Proterozoics of India

Mithilesh Sharma, A.K. Rai, J.C. Nagabhushana, R.M. Sinha, and M. Vasudeva Rao 127-139

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The Proterozoic Shillong Basin of North East India: conceptual model for hosting unconformity related uranium mineralisation

A.B. Awati, T. Harikrishna, R.M. Sinha, K.R. Gupta, and R.K. Gupta 141-154

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Signatures of breccia complex/iron oxide-type U-REE mineralisation in the Khairagarh Basin with special reference to Dongargarh-Lohara area, Central India

S.K. Hansoti and D.K. Sinha 155-172

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Uranium exploration in the Proterozoic terrains of India: a petrometallographic study and implications on target selection

R. Dhana Raju 173-186

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Geochronological characterisation of the Proterozoic terrains of Peninsular India: relevance to the first order target selection for uranium exploration

B.K. Pandey, Tikam Chabria,and J.N. Gupta 187-213

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