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Physics Laboratories

 Physics laboratories provide analytical support to the exploration activities and carry out radiometric analyses of rock, soil and core samples, gamma-ray logging of boreholes, shielded probe logging of the trenches/outcrops, calibration of gamma-ray spectrometers   (air borne-portable/ground-jeep/car borne) for radiometric survey at fixed calibration pads at civil airport, Nagpur and portable calibration pads at heliborne survey base station.  In addition, preparation of standards for radiometric analyses, Instrumental Neutron Activation Analysis (INAA), radon measurement and implementation of DAE’s Emergency Response Centers (ERC) Programme are also carried out by the Physics laboratories.


Physics laboratories are located at seven Regional Centre i.e. Northern Region, New Delhi; Southern Region, Bengaluru; Eastern Region, Jamshedpur; North Eastern Region, Shillong; Western Region, Jaipur; Central Region, Nagpur and South Central Region, Hyderabad and one Radiation Standard and Analytical (RSA) Laboratory at HQ, Hyderabad