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World Environment Day 2019: Beat the Air Pollution

World Environment Day-2019 was celebrated in AMD Hyderabad on 6th June, 2019, highlighting this year’s theme “Beat the Air Pollution”, as 5th June was a holiday.

On this occasion Shri M.B. Verma, Director AMD formally greeted all the employees of AMD and delivered a special lecture covering various issues related to air pollution and measures to combat them.

In his talk Shri Verma also pointed out a twitter quote of Hon’ble Prime Minister “माता भूमिः पुत्रोऽहं पृथिव्याः। Our Planet and Environment is something we all cherish greatly. Today on World Environment Day, we reiterate our commitment to ensure a cleaner planet. Living in harmony with nature will lead to a better future”.

He expressed his concern over the life threatening diseases due to air pollution in many places and stressed for clean indoor as well as outdoor air. In this connection he appreciated the attempts under ‘Swachh Bharat’ programme launched few year ago. He stressed that message for conservation of environment should reach every one including children so that the beautiful planet- ‘Mother Earth’ will be passed on to posterity without pollution. Shri Verma observed that planting tress is one of the measures to purify the outdoor air, which is most essential in today’s context and that should be practiced by each and every one on this planet, while followed by many. 

Soon after the lecture, Shri Verma, Director AMD planted a sapling, in the front yard of AMD premises along with Additional Directors and other officials.