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International Yoga Day 2019

Fifth International Yoga Day (2019) was celebrated at AMD Headquarters, Hyderabad on June 21, 2019.  In the morning session, different postures were performed by the employees including Pranayamas under guidance of a yoga instructor.   In the evening session, Yoga Day Special Lecture-2019 was delivered by Dr.Vishnun Rao Veerapaneni of Swasa Foundation, Hyderabad on the topic “Allergy – Asthma and Yoga” which was well received by the audience.

Shri M.B. Verma, Director, AMD presided over the event and opined that Yoga is an excellent gift of India to the world for keeping a healthy human body, mind and soul to perform well and healthy body may be useful in discharging the official responsibilities.  He also told that human body is just like a biological machine similar to any other equipements and hence it should be maintained. After international recognition of ‘Yoga Day’ it has been observed in the country as festivity and symbol of sound mind sound heath.